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Michael Puls - 35 years of Experience

Michael (Mike) Puls is a veteran of the multi-family real estate industry with more than 35 years experience as a homebuilder, developer, lender and advisor. As owner of Foley & Puls, a leading multi-family research firm based in Dallas, Texas, Mike has researched and analyzed more than 600 multi-family rental, senior and for-sale projects in 115 cities across 26 states. Not content to merely observe and report, the research methodology he developed is unique within the multifamily industry.  This methodology combines intense research of market performance, demand drivers and impending supply with data analytics and decades of multifamily experience to reveal the true potential of a proposed property. 

Foley & Puls developed the Income-Driven Demand Model, an innovation that analyzes the depth of the demand for a proposed project and unit types within a defined site radius based on household income estimates, household growth estimates and mobility rates, to provide their clients with a forward view of project performance.  This strategic viewpoint differentiates Foley & Puls from traditional market research and Big Data firms who focus on the past and present.

Working as a trusted advisor to multifamily developers, owners and lenders, Mike has made and/or saved his clients hundreds of millions of dollars by providing them with insight and guidance on the rental and for-sale market and the impact to their rental and for-sale projects.

Project Experience

During his 30+ year career in residential real estate, Mike Puls has worked on single-family and multi-family projects across the US.  As a builder, developer and lender, he has overseen the development and construction of more than 1,000 apartment, condo and single family homes throughout Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Texas.  At Foley & Puls, Mike has researched and analyzed over 600 for-sale and rental projects in 115 cities across 26 states.  Mike's in-depth understanding and knowledge of key apartment and condo markets, like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Denver has helped him create long-standing relationships with some of the leading multi-family developers, equity sources, asset managers and lenders in the US.

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Solutions for Apartment & Condo Developers

Acquisition/Investment Strategies
Development Consulting
High-Rise/High Density Expertise

Acquisition/Investment Strategies

We can help you identify the optimum markets and sites for your multifamily project using our research, in-depth market knowledge and experience gained on over 600 projects. As a trusted advisor to major multifamily developers, we help our clients select the appropriate site based on desired return and investment strategy. The use of our research and data analytics will help the investor or equity partner mitigate the risk of a multi-million dollar investment.

  • Market Identification and Selection
  • In-depth Market Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Pro-formas
  • Financing Packages
  • Risk Mitigation

Development Consulting

The development process for a multi-family project begins at market/site selection. Site selection is a complex process that requires an understanding of the market fundamentals. Using experience and data analytics, we can assist you with all phases of pre-development from site selection through product and pricing strategies. Our development consulting services have helped our clients craft their product mix and pricing and saved and/or helped them make hundreds of millions of dollars on for-sale and rental projects across the US.

  • Product Concept Solutions
  • Strategy Development for Market, Project or Product Line
  • Rent Structure Analysis
  • Target Market compared to Rent Roll
  • Market Trend Reports and Analysis
  • Product Supply Analysis
  • Floorplan Analysis
  • Customized Studies

High-Rise/High Density Expertise

The complexities of a high-rise/high density project requires a studied approach and proven methodology. Luxury high-rises must be designed to provide the product high-end renters and buyers demand. Mike Puls has helped create winning strategies for projects across the US. High rise apartment projects offer the developer the opportunity to capitalize on views and our research demonstrates that large, quality floor plans built to capitalize on the views of the skylines from the living room, master bed wall, kitchen, dining rooms and balconies have captured renter households with more than double the incomes of similar square footage units without the skyline views.

  • Product Concept Solutions
  • Matching Product Mix & Floorplans to Target Market
  • Site Review
  • View, Sun and Sound Analysis & Recommendations
  • Parking Analysis
  • Product Supply Analysis
  • Floorplan Analysis
  • Customized Studies

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